Looking for a unique prop? How about a full costume? Perhaps you just want to talk to us about bringing our Cosplay repair station to your convention? Need a Panel host? All of these things and more below!

Commission Work

Custom Costumes and props to meet your Cosplay needs! What do you do? Fill out the following FORM and provide us some reference pictures and we'll get back to you ASAP with availability and a couple of price options for you to review!

Cosplay Repair Station/Mobile Repair

Does your Convention or Expo want to have a cosplay repair booth? How about a mobile repair station that provides quick and quality repairs on the fly for  your guests? We provide both services free of charge to your attendees. If you're interested just email us HERE to inquire about this service!

Panel Discussions

How exactly do you turn a piece of foam into Gorehowl? Women in Cosplay? How to Cosplay with kids... awesome kids! Kids Cosplay panels? You name it we've probably got something on the go and we love to share! Everything from creation to repair and back again! Email us HERE for more information on this.